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W7Oaks, Inc. designs and builds websites that truly reflect the character, competence, and reputation of the business management behind it. But for information to be useful, it must be kept up to date.

Today's business enterprise seldom stands still. The reality of change, realignment, and corporate focus must be reflected in the website's content - at all times. When a widely reported change fails to be incorporated into the website's content, that corporate owner loses prestige and credibility.

Some content simply degrades over time: new products, models, specifications, services... the entire spectrum of value offered for value received. If it is not updated on the website, potential sales vanish, expected repeat sales never materialize, and the visitor leaves for a better site. 

A vigorous, prosperous, ground-breaking business cannot afford to let old data languish on its website. A batch of old news is not only useless, but lethal - to sales, public image, and growth of market share.


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Updated: August 14, 2015