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Picture this: a bookcase full of neatly arranged, fine leather-bound volumes, sorted in some logical order. This is information served with respect, for pleasure as well as instruction. This paradigm should be the guiding light behind any website design and organization.

The opposite, unfortunately, often reigns. Imagine the same books taken completely apart, and the pages thrown into a barrel. Now, dive in and find some pressing answers in there.

Information must be pertinent, clear, well organized, tightly written, and timely. If the visitor can find an answer quickly and easily, repeat visits are likely. Also, a business relationship could develop and prosper. Would you trust a lawyer who has briefs and folders strewn all over the floor, on chairs, piled on a desk, and stuffed in unmarked cardboard boxes?

Say it once, say it well, and present it attractively. And don't forget to hire a good photographer.


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Updated: August 14, 2015