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W7Oaks, Inc. part of the PC revolution is the successor company of Seven Oaks Software, Inc., founded in Rhinebeck, N.Y. in 1980. Through the years, W7Oaks, Inc. gained wide  experience, ranging from small office networking to the complexity of efficient Intranet design, business organization, and total content management.

Website design and development were natural growth paths, and the focus of W7Oaks, Inc.'s own quest for excellence.

W7Oaks, Inc. prospered with its customers, and in so doing learned the value (and rarity) of clean, attractive, tasteful Web design. Also some growing customer companies needed outside help when lack of internal organization slowed progress. 

The ability to define a clear line of authority and responsibility, document all procedures, and codify how business is transacted at the customer site became an important part of the W7Oaks, Inc. business model.

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Updated: August 14, 2015