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The Roman emperor Constantin, under the pretense of gathering old laws that had been kept alive through the oral tradition, wrote a great body of jurisprudence. Many of them, however, were new laws. This would be impossible today, when every lawsuit is recorded in intimate detail, and readily searchable online.

Every aspect of business, also, must be documented. And good and accurate documentation is essential for obtaining and maintaining ISO 9000 registration.

Good documentation cannot exist without an appropriate system to assure its pertinence, completeness, and integrity. When that system exists, every transaction (design,purchasing, manufacturing, handling, shipping, written, or oral) leaves a trail, either paper of electronic. Either one must be safeguarded well and archived safely.

W7Oaks, Inc. knows what it takes to propel a small, family-run business into the arena of world-wide distribution, ISO 9000 registration, and periodic UL inspections.


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Updated: August 14, 2015